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I would love to hear from you and answer any questions, set up a session, brainstorm, or just to geek out about yoga together! Email me and let's chat!

– Courtney

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Austin, Texas


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  • Do I need to know how to do yoga?
    No! You can be a total beginner, or an advanced yogi. I will work with you to customize a program specifically to your needs, goals, and abilities. All are welcome on the path of yoga!
  • I am an individual and would love a private lesson but I don't have a space for you to come to. Do you have a space for a private so you don't have to come to my home?
    Yes! I have a rental space at the corner of West Lake and Bee Cave, at the Obsidian Yoga studio.
  • I am interested in a pack, but what are the requirements for cancelling my pack if I decide I no longer want to continue?"
    When you purchase a pack, you are only signing up for those sessions. There is no auto renewal, but please send an email to courtney@therisingheart.come to confirm whether you want to continue or cancel.
  • Is there a maximum amount of people we can have in a class?
    For a small group private, special rates will be agreed upon before first session. For corporate sessions, up to 30 people are allowed in class. If you think a corporate class will be over 30 people, there will be an extra charge and, depending on potential class size, an assitant. This will all be pre-discussed and handled before the first class.

If you have additional questions, please send those to the form above.

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