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Ashtanga Yoga

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to the next step in your yoga journey! Deepen your understanding of how to live a Yogic Life, on and off the mat in this 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training. Over the course of 12 months, dive deeper into the physical and non-physical aspects of Yoga. All weekends will include asana practice and emphasize an aspect of teaching.

2024-2025 dates TBD
Current Dates:

July 13, 2023 - June 2, 2024

Thursdays 6-9:30pm

Saturdays 9am-6:30pm

Sundays 9am-6:30pm


July 13, 15, 16
Aug 10, 12, 13
Sep 7, 9. 10
Oct 12, 14, 15
Nov 9, 11, 12
Dec 7, 9. 10
Jan 4, 6, 7
Feb 1, 3, 4
Feb 29, Mar 2, 3
Apr 4, 6, 7
May 2, 4, 5

May 30, June 1, 2


Broken down over 12 weekend modules, each weekend will have a core focus, as well as emphasis on a Chakra or Kosha, Polarity, Element/Energy, Guiding Principle, Gratitude Practice, Teaching Refinement, and Anatomy Focus.

Module 1: Building a Strong Foundation for Practice & Teaching

The first weekend will dive deep into the Root Chakra and building a strong foundation for both teaching and for personal practice. We will review fundamentals learned in initial training and build on from them. Particular focus will allow us to dive deeper into various types of alignment methodology, including Ashtanga Yoga, Katonah Yoga principles, Strala Yoga, and the Bowspring method. 


Module Highlights:

Chakra: Muladhara          Polarity: Teacher + Student         Element/Energy: Earth         Guiding Principle: Asteya

Gratitude Focus: Body         Teaching Focus: Alignment         Anatomy: Hips

module 2: Creative Sequencing & Theming

Enhance sequencing capabilities and tap into your creativity in Module 2. You will learn and practice tools and exercises for creative sequencing and strengthen your ability for creative and impactful theming. Pulling from principles and ancient knowledge, including the archetypes of the Gods and Goddesses, you will leave this module feeling more confident in your voice as a teacher. 

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Svadhisthana          Polarity: Movement + Stillness         Element/Energy: Air         Guiding Principle: Brahmacharya

Gratitude Focus: Creative Power         Teaching Focus: Sequencing & Theming         Anatomy: Core

module 3: integration of mind, body, & breath

Dive into the real meaning of yoga, to unify and "yoke" all aspects of the self. We will dive into breathwork and how to utilize the breath in order to connect to the now, and from there reach higher states of consciousness. Breath will be used as a tool to move through the physical body and beyond. You will learn various pranayama techniques and practice teaching these, giving yourself and your students a chance to dive deeper into the physical and non-physical aspects of the practice.

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Manipura          Polarity: Physical + Non-Physical         Element/Energy: Fire         Guiding Principle: Tapas

Gratitude Focus: Identity         Teaching Focus: Pranayama         Anatomy: Digestive Organs

module 4: dropping into the heart

This day in age, the brain can often guide us, which leads to confusion, uncertainty, and disconnection. This module will put special focus on dropping into the heart and the energies of the heart. You will learn about the elecromagnetic field of your heart and other heart science topics. While doing so, we will tap into Carl Jung's Shadow Work and the concept of fragmentation. Through dropping into the heart, you will learn various tools for integration in order to tap into your highest, most confident self.

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Anahata          Polarity: Head + Heart         Element/Energy: Heart         Guiding Principle: Svadhyaya

Gratitude Focus: Health         Teaching Focus: Vyana-Vayu         Anatomy: Ribcage & Diaphragm

module 5: Conscious Communication & Holding Space

Conscious communication is a valuable tool to learn and practice. Often times, relationship "issues" that arise in life are simply a communication issue. Beyond relationships with others, we can see this as a difficulty in our relationship with our Self as well. Through the practice of active listening and non-violent communication, you'll spend a weekend digging into how to access your truth, how to speak truth with kindness and compassion, nonverbal communication, and more. We will also dive into the Business of Yoga, where you can practice presenting a business idea from your enhanced communication toolkit.

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Vishuddhi          Polarity: Noise + Quiet         Element/Energy: Ether         Guiding Principle: Satya

Gratitude Focus: Relationships         Teaching Focus: Communication         Anatomy: Shoulders

module 6: The embodied brain

What does it mean to Embody? We will discuss embodiment, and how to embody your full self with contentment and connection. In this module, you will learn and dive deeper into tools to improve your ability to tap into "the embodied brain." Expect to dive into meditation science and practice, learning about the brain on stress, Neuro Linguistic Programming, neuroplasticity, and how to really change your brain and use the power of conscious thought to support you and the life you want to create.

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Ajna          Polarity: Part + Whole         Element/Energy: Water         Guiding Principle: Santosha

Gratitude Focus: Connection         Teaching Focus: Meditation         Anatomy: Face & Neck

module 7: holistic yoga psychology & intuitive wisdom

We are so much more than our bodies. We are many layers and levels of energy, an in this module, we will connect to these layers. Diving deeper into the subtle body and the koshas, the focus of this module is tapping into our own intuitive abilities - accessible to all beings equally. Through inquiry and parts work, your connection to your highest Self and Source will grow and guide you.

Module Highlights:

Chakra: Sahasrara          Polarity: Duality + Oneness         Element/Energy: Mind         Guiding Principle: Ishvara Pranidhana

Gratitude Focus: Everyday Magic         Teaching Focus: Subtle Body         Anatomy: Subtle Body


module 8: Embracing Change & Your Buddha Nature

Connect to your Buddha Nature. The Buddha believed we all have the ability to wake up, right here and right now. This weekend will put strong focus on the 4 noble truths of Buddhism, how to incorporate the 8 Fold Path into your life, the concept of non-attachment, practice of Vipasana style mindfulness and meditation, and how to tap back into your Buddha nature and create and attract from the frequency of unconditional love and acceptance.

Module Highlights:

Kosha: Pranamaya          Polarity: Feminine + Masculine         Element/Energy: Unmanifest         Guiding Principle: Aparigraha

Gratitude Focus: Change         Teaching Focus: Buddha Mind         Anatomy: Interoception


module 9: adaptive yoga

There is no one style of yoga that is right for everyone. In this module, we will cover adaptive styles of yoga, including Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Yoga Massage, and Trauma Informed Yoga. You will learn about somatic therapy and somatic release via the channel of asana and pranayama. This module will include Advanced Assisting practice.

Module Highlights:

Kosha: Annamaya          Polarity: Yin + Yan         Element/Energy: Peace         Guiding Principle: Ahimsa

Gratitude Focus: Safety         Teaching Focus: Adaptive Yoga of Choice         Anatomy: Nervous System


module 10: healing arts

How do we tap into healing? The exploration of Healing Arts will cover aspects beyond the "known" yoga. We will cover various healing arts and their scientific benefits, as well as exploring through personal practice. Some of the arts we will cover include Sound Healing, Reiki, Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more if time allows.

Module Highlights:

Kosha: Manomaya          Polarity: Thought + Emotion         Element/Energy: Love         Guiding Principle: Upekkah

Gratitude Focus: Dharma         Teaching Focus: Healing Art of Choice         Anatomy: Aura

module 11: Incorporating Ancient Wisdom into Everyday Life

It is easy to remember to practice yoga when we are showing up on our mats, but what about the time off of the mat? In this module, we will explore and incorporate principles from ancient wisdom into our everyday lives and particularly, in time off of our mats. Drawing on principles and concepts from the Baghavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, and through authentic self study, the hope is for you to leave this module with a strong practice of "yoga off the mat."

Module Highlights:

Kosha: Vijnamaya          Polarity: Light + Dark         Element/Energy: Wisdom         Guiding Principle: Saucha

Gratitude Focus: Self         Teaching Focus: Pratyahara         Anatomy: Mobility & Range

module 12: mastering the self

Mastering the self is an ongoing journey and a constant moving target, but the more awareness we grow, and the more tools we have in our toolkit, the more accessible this target becomes in each moment. This weekend will focus on the last 3 limbs of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga, also known as Samyama. We will discuss how to master the Citta (the monkey mind), and advanced meditation practices to weave into your life in order to continue the journey of mastery of Self. 

Module Highlights:

Kosha: Anandamaya          Polarity: Fire + Water         Element/Energy: Bliss         Guiding Principle: Dharana

Gratitude Focus: Movement         Teaching Focus: Samyama         Anatomy: Posture


Total Investment: $4,700

Deposit: $500 non-refundable

Payment Plan: Payment plans available for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Processing fees incur (5% + .30) if paid with credit card. Save by paying via Venmo or another cash app.

*Non-refundable once training begins. Minimum 4 people. Fully refundable if training doesn't fill.

Send your deposit via venmo to @therisingheart to save your spot!


YTT Manual

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