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What's the story behind
the rising heart?

The Rising Heart is symbolic of the journey we all go through of slowly removing layers that have been built up over time in order to connect to our most authentic selves. Life comes with challenges - this is a part of the experience. But we can learn how to become the observer of these experiences and watch and learn from them, rather than be sucked into them.

This is a journey of remembering our wholeness, starting with the path of yoga. Yoga is the practice of unifying all parts that make up who we are - body, breath, mind, and soul. In the unification process, we start to remove the layers and open up new ares of our lives that set us up for our highest potential. Yoga is far beyond physical, and it is a continuous journey through life - both on your mat and off your mat.


About Courtney

Yoga Instructor & Owner

Growing up with love for personal challenges, Courtney always desired activity that challenged her to be stronger and break down her own barriers. She first practiced yoga over 20 years ago in search of a way to calm her mind, connect to her physical strength, and change the patterns in her life that were no longer serving her.


"I discovered the incredibly expansive and transformative power of yoga and meditation, and there was no turning back for me!"


Courtney believes that yoga is a path for all of us to get out of our own way, to open up to the truth of our highest being, meet our inner-most authentic selves, and to approach our inner world with an inquisitive mind rooted in love. No judgement allowed! To her, yoga is an endless journey of growth and exploration, and an incredible tool meant for everyone, no matter your age, size, shape, or body type. It is not only a powerful tool for quieting the mind, but it's also meant to be fun and bring out the child-like energy rooted in all beings.


Courtney is an E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, and YACEP® registered with Yoga Alliance and owns the RYS-200® school, The Rising Heart. In her public vinyasa classes, Courtney leads a dynamic flow that challenges her students to get out of their own way, using props modifications, and intensifications of poses to cater the practice to your own needs. She also teaches yin, restorative, and Slow Flow catered to individuals and small groups. Learn more about privates with The Rising Heart here.

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